To Outer Nature

    Show thee as I thought thee
    When I early sought thee,
      All undoubting
    Love alone had wrought thee—

    Wrought thee for my pleasure,
    Planned thee as a measure
      For expounding
      And resounding
    Glad things that men treasure.

    O for but a moment
    Of that old endowment—
      Light to gaily
      See thy daily
    Irisèd embowment!

    But such readorning
    Time forbids with scorning—
      Makes me see things
      Cease to be things
    They were in my morning.

    Fad’st thou, glow-forsaken,
      Thy first sweetness,
      Radiance, meetness,
    None shall reawaken.

    Why not sempiternal
    Thou and I? Our vernal
      Brightness keeping,
      Time outleaping;
    Passed the hodiernal!

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