Jalaluddin Rumi Poem

Thou and I

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Joyful the moment when we sat in the bower, Thou and I;

In two forms and with two faces – with one soul, Thou and I.


The colour of the garden and the song of the birds give the elixir of immortality

The instant we come into the orchard, Thou and I.


The stars of Heaven come out to look upon us –

We shall show the moon herself to them, Thou and I.


Thou and I, with no ‘Thou’ or ‘I’, shall become one through our tasting;

Happy, safe from idle talking, Thou and I.


The spirited parrots of heaven will envy us –

When we shall laugh in such a way, Thou and I.


This is stranger, that Thou and I, in this corner here…

Are both in one breath here and there – Thou and I.

I Am Thine and Thou Art Mine
When I Die


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