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I don’t know why you’re wondering about this site, anyway, since you’re here, I’m going to apply a tactic I just discovered: I browsed the ‘about’ section of a site with little hesitation, it was silly, gripping and entertaining. (I read for almost 5 minutes) (((It was so ridiculous)))

Lets start. Why did I set up this site; To make money, truth be told, I care about money, not readers. Did I make money? No, I care about you readers a lot, please donate to my site.

About me

How much of an anime lover am I? Not a little and not tooo much, my passion is watching TV series/movies and anime is my favorite genre, so actually the concept of watching is my main entertainment. Or is it my only fun? No, because this post is supposed to be funny. Seriously, this post is supposed to be funny because I’m going to put a Newsletter ad at the end of article.

I put the Newsletter ad here. Because I decided it’s-more-money. You can easily subscribe so I won’t bother you with spams, be sure of that because if I bother you, you’ll unsubscribe. But I would always bother you if I knew you couldn’t unsubscribe (you know, that means more money), but no no, it was definitely just a joke i guess.

(I actually want you to subscribe as it will push me to write, it won’t do any harm.)

About Site (with more humor)

Exactly what type of content am I posting on my site? I’m writing anime recommendations etc. in these days generally ecchi and hentai suggestions because less people read my other type posts, people are so horny my bruhz. Bruhz means bros, I made it up, maybe it will be famous.

Most of my content is for anime suggestions etc, Site slogan; Just Anime! (this site is suitable for all ages except 17 and below, what can I say, we’re pretty inclusive). Just kidding but if you under 16 age, just don’t tinker with the site too much!

Now I will briefly summarize; I love to write (sometimes but it’s true), I love anime and I love money (unfortunately not stroking) and this post was pretty funny to me, you may not have laughed but now that you’ve come this far, I’m successful (The estimated 95% who stopped reading made a mistake)

And now is the time to cut the fuss;

While reading this article, you can think “why are anime fans so weird“, I think we should leave this issue to the scientists, I wouldn’t trust them if they are not Swiss, but luckily they are all swiss, yeah. We just let’s have fun with animes, laugh, cry, feel! because animes or the whole cinematic universe are there for us to feel, to feel what we want. It’s nice to feel the things that the anime conveys and maybe they’re better than life itself, but they are also a part of life, a good part (demon slayer is mid and not every anime/series/movie is good and demon slayer is mid).

You can get suggestions of various cool anime genres by browsing our site, but no it’s not just an ad (theoretically yes it is but I’m working on it), pff, in short animes are good and apparently there is no more inspiration for me. Finally, ‘Cyberpunk: EdgerunnersI recommend you to watch it, it was really good.

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