When, soul in soul reflected,
We breathed an æthered air,
       When we neglected
       All things elsewhere,

And left the friendly friendless
To keep our love aglow,
       We deemed it endless.
       —We did not know!

When panting passion-goaded,
We planned to hie away,
       But, unforeboded,
       All the long day
The storm so pierced and pattered
That none could up and go,
       Our lives seemed shattered.
       —We did not know!

When I found you helpless lying,
And you waived my long misprise,
       And swore me, dying,
       In phantom-guise
To wing to me when grieving,
And touch away my woe,
       We kissed, believing.
       —We did not know!

But though, your powers outreckoning
You tarry dead and dumb,
       Or scorn my beckoning,
       And will not come :
And I say, “Why thus inanely
Brood on her memory so!”
       I say it vainly
       I feel and know!

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