Lord Byron Poem

To My Dear Mary Anne

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Adieu to sweet Mary for ever !
  From her I must quickly depart.
Though the fates us from each other sever,
  Still her image will dwell in my heart.
The flame that within my breast burns
  Is unlike what in lovers’ hearts glows ;
The love which for Mary I feel
  Is far purer than Cupid bestows.
I wish not your peace to disturb,
  I wish not your joys to molest :
Mistake not my passion for love,
  ’Tis your friendship alone I request.
Not ten thousand lovers could feel
  The friendship my bosom contains;
It will ever within my heart dwell,
  While the warm blood flows through my veins.
May the Ruler of Heaven look down,
  And my Mary from evil defend !
May she ne’er know adversity’s frown,
  May her happiness ne’er have an end!
Once more, my sweet Mary, adieu !
  Farewell! I with anguish repeat
For ever I’ll think upon you,
  While this heart in my bosom shall beat.

To Mary Chaworth
Lines Written Beneath An Elm In The Churchyard


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