Li Bai Poem

Song of Mount Lu—To Censor Lu Xuzhou

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I’m just a freak come from the South,
With frank advice e’er in my mouth.
Holding at dawn a green-jade cane,
I leave the Tower of Yellow Crane.
Of the long trips to Sacred Mountains I make light,
All my life I have loved to visit famous height.
Lu Mountains tower high beside the Wain Stars bright
Like a nine-paneled screen embroidered with clouds white.
Their shadows fall into the lake like emerald;
Two peaks stand face to face above the Gate ot Gold.
A waterfall is hanging down from Three Stone Beams,
Cascades of Censer Peak like upended silver streams.
Cliff on cliff, ridge on ridge lead to the azure skies,
Their green shapes kindled by flaming clouds at sunrise
Barring the boundless Heaven’s vault where no bird flies.
I climb to view the sky o’erhead and earth below,
The ne’er-returning waves of the River onward go.
In yellow clouds outspread for miles I see wind blow,
Nine foaming tributaries splash like mountain snow.
Of Mountain Lu I love to sing,
Of my poetry it is the spring.
I gaze at the Stone Mirror, my hear purified,
I seek the poet Xie’s path which green mosses hide.
Elixir swallowed, I care not what people say;
The zither played thrice, I begin to know the Way.
I see from afar immortals in the cloudy land,
They come to celestial city, lotus-bloom in hand.
I’ll go before you somewhere beyond the ninth sphere
And wait for you to wander in the Zenith Clear.

Song of Yuzhang
The Summit Temple


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