Nobody says: Ah, that is the place
Where chanced, in the hollow of years ago,
What none of the Three Towns cared to know—
The birth of a little girl of grace—
The sweetest the house saw, first or last;
          Yet it was so
          On that day long past.

Nobody thinks: There, there she lay
In a room by the Hoe, like the bud of a flower.
And listened, just after the bedtime hour;
To the stammering chimes that used to play
The quaint Old Hundred-and-Thirteenth tune
          In Saint Andrew’s tower
          Night, morn, and noon.

Nobody calls to mind that here
Upon Boterel Hill, where the waggoners skid,
With cheeks whose airy flush outbid
Fresh fruit in bloom, and free of fear,
She cantered down, as if she must fall
          (Though she never did),
          To the charm of all.

Nay: one there is to whom these things,
That nobody else’s mind calls back,
Have a savour that scenes in being lack,
And a presence more than the actual brings;
To whom to-day is beneaped and stale,
          And its urgent clack
          But a vapid tale.

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