Pablo Neruda Poem

Pablo Neruda’s ⁍ Sonnet 15

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The earth has known you for a long time now:
you are as firm as bread, or wood;
you are a body, a cluster of absolute substances;
you have an acacia’s gravity, the weight of a golden vegetable.

I know you exist, not only because your eyes fly open
and shed their light on things, like an open window-
but also because you were molded in clay, you were fired
in Chillán, in an astounded adobe oven.

Beings: they dissolve like the air, or water, or the cold.
And they are vague, they vanish when time touches them,
as if before death they crumbled into dust.

But you will fall with me like a rock into the grave:
thanks to our love, which will never waste away,
the earth will continue to live.

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