Poem Shel Silverstein

On The Way To The Bottom

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On the way to the bottom
I met an ole friend of mine
He said “Buddy, I do believe
this is the end of the line”
I said “The end of the line”
Shoot, come on and have another round
And if we’re headin’ for the bottom
We still got a long way down
On the way to the bottom
We make a lot of stops
And we’d meet a lot of fools
Just a bustin’ their hearts
On the way to the top
Pass me another bottle
And turn down the lights
Forget about tomorrow, baby
We’re gonna rumble tonight
I’ll wear my low heeled boots
You wear your taffeta gown
and if we’re heading for the bottom
we’ll go laughing all the way down
On the way to the bottom
I met an ol’ girl of mine
She said “Honey, I’m scared,
Won’t you love me one more time?”
I said “One more time?”
Shoot, about a million more
We had a whole lotta loving
And a whole lot more in store

One Inch Tall
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