Poem Shel Silverstein

Man Who Got No Sign

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Ko-we-ha Gemini Jim taw Scorpio Salo
Taw sejno-nej-o-to-kono o-ha-na-shi-te-saw
There was Gemini Jim and Scorpio Sal they was livin’ by the Golden Gate
Freezin’ their nose and wearin’ leather clothes and dealin’ every way but straight
They had a Leo dog and a Capricorn cat and everything was goin’ fine
Until into their life on a moonless night come the man who got no sign
He roared right in like some evil wind and he rolled himself a righteous smoke
As the thunder scrashed and the lightenin’ flashed he took a toke and a spoke
Said he was born in an astrological warp when the stars refused to shine
On the cusp of Nowhere and Nevermore he’s the man that got no sign
Then he told a story of an endless search to find his missin’ part
And Scorpio Sal she smiles at him tries to do his chart
But the Pisces Ben who was Jim’s best friend aaid man you must be blind
You better grab your knife and take the life of the man who’d got no sign
And so it happened and his blood run soaked the ground
The arrest was made by Sheriff Slade and Aquarius thru and thru
But the jailer was a Sagittarius so he beat Jim black and blue
And then they dragged him up to the courthouse stairs they said Jim how do you plea
He said man the moon’s in Virgo so the blame don’t fall on me
Well the jury all was the Libras so you know they was more than fair
But the lawyer was an Aries and an Aries just don’t care
The judge he was a Cancer and Cancers have no friends
But the hungman was a Taurus and that’s where the circle ends

Marie Laveau
Mama I'll Sing One For You


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