Ezra Pound Poem

From Canto CXIII

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Thru the 12 houses of heaven
                                seeing the just and the unjust,
                                tasting the sweet and the sorry,
Pater Helios turning.
“Mortal praise has no sound in her ears”
And who no longer make gods out of beauty
Θρήνος                   this is a dying.
Yet to walk with Mozart, Agassiz and Linnaeus

       Here take thy mind’s space

And to this garden, Marcella, ever seeking by petal, by leaf-vein
ever seeking by petal, by leaf-vein

out of dark, and toward twilight

And over Li Chiang, the snow range is turquoise

Rock’s world that he saved us for memory
                      a thin trace in high air
And with them Pare (Abrroise) and the men against death
Tweddell, Donnelly,
                               Old Pompelly crossed Gobi

“no horse, no dog, and no goat.”

I’d eat his liver, told that son of…

and now bigod I have done it
                                                17 Maggio,
                                                                   why not spirits.

But for the sun and serenitas
                                               (19th May ’59)

-once said serenitas
                                (Atthis etc)
                  at Dieudonné’s
                                         in pre-history
No dog, no horse, and no goat,

The long flank, the firm breast
                                                and to know beauty, and death and despair

And to think that what has been shall be

                            Flowing, ever unstill.

from Canto CXV


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