Ezra Pound Poem

Fish and Shadow

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The salmon-trout drifts in the stream,
The soul of the salmon-trout floats over the stream
Like a little wafer of light.

The salmon moves in the sun-shot, bright shallow sea. . . .

As light as the shadow of the fish
that falls through the water,
She came into the large room by the stair,
Yawning a little she came with the sleep still upon her.

“I am just from bed. The sleep is still in my eyes.
“Come. I have had a long dream.’
And I: That wood?
‘And two springs have passed us.’
‘Not so far, no, not so far now,
There is a place but no one else knows it
A field in a valley . . .
Qu’ieu sui avinen,
Ieu lo sai,’

She must speak of the time
Of Arnaut de Mareuil, I thought, ‘qu’ieu sui avinen.’

Light as the shadow of the fish
That falls through the pale green water.

For E. Mcc. (1908)
Fan-Piece, For Her Imperial Lord


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