Jalaluddin Rumi Poem

Did I Not Say To You

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Did I not say to you, “Go not there, for I am your friend; in this

mirage of annihilation I am the fountain of life?”

Even though in anger you depart a hundred thousand years

from me, in the end you will come to me, for I am your goal.

Did I not say to you, “Be not content with worldly forms, for I

am the fashioner of the tabernacle of your contentment?”

Did I not say to you, “I am the sea and you are a single fish;

go not to dry land, for I am your crystal sea?”

Did I not say to you, “ Go not like birds to the snare; come, for

I am the power of flight and your wings and feet?”

Did I not say to you, “ They will waylay you and make you

cold, for I am the fire and warmth and heat of your desire?”

Did I not say to you, “ They will implant in you ugly qualities

so that you will forget that I am the source of purity to you?”

Did I not say to you, “Do not say from what direction the ser-

vant’s affairs come into order?” I am the Creator without


If you are the lamp of the heart, know where the road is to the

house; and if you are godlike of attribute, know that I am your


When I Die
Any Lifetime


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