Ezra Pound Poem

Apparuit [she appeared]

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Golden rose the house, in the portal I saw
thee, a marvel, carven in subtle stuff, a
portent. Life died down in the lamp and flickered,
                 caught at the wonder.

Crimson, frosty with dew, the roses bend where
thou afar, moving in the glamorous sun,
drinkst in life of earth, of the air, the tissue
                  golden about thee.

Green the ways, the breath of the fields is thine there,
open lies the land, yet the steely going
darkly hast thou dared and the dreaded aether
                  parted before thee.

Swift at courage thou in the shell of gold, cast-

ing a-loose the cloak of the body, earnest
straight, then shone thine oriel and the stunned light
                  faded about thee.

Half the carven shoulder, the throat aflash with
strands of light inwoven about it, loveli-

est of all things, frail alabaster, ah me!
                 swift in departing.

Clothed in goldish weft, delicately perfect,
gone as wind ! The cloth of the magical hands!
Thou a slight thing, thou in access of cunning
                dar’dst to assume this?

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